Giovanni Genucchi (Brussels 1904 – Acquarossa 1979) in forty years of sculptural practice has managed to develop a personal language, full of sensitivity. The patient work of simplification, both in the carving of wood and in boasting stone such as in the modelling of clay and plaster, allowed him to reveal essential emotions. The artist has created works for public spaces such as La siesta (The nap) for the Swiss Radio and Television (RSI) in Comano and La Madonna con il Bambino (Madonna with Child) at Lukmanier Pass; religious works such as the altar in the church of Saints Peter and Paul in Brissago, the crucifix in the Carmelo di Santa Teresa retirement home in Brione sopra Minusio and various funeral monuments in the cemeteries of Biasca and Bellinzona. He has created numerous figurative sculptures, inspired by simple everyday gestures, which now are present in numerous private and public collections. For Giovanni Genucchi, being a sculptor, meant to be an alternation of hard work and satisfaction, sensations experienced for the most part in his atelier in Castro (Blenio Valley). The space attests the rich plastic solutions of his idea of harmony.


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